Process and Product

Our Processes and Products are so many and so diverse, we can meet any challenge you hand us.

  • Compounding
  • Pre- and Post-drying and blendinge
  • High-pressure liquid addition
  • Vacuum and atmospheric venting
  • Devolatilization
  • Down stream and multiple-barrel feeding
  • Strand pelletization
  • Mineral,glass and fiber filled
  • Black and color concentrates
  • Additive master batches
  • Flame-retardant polymers
  • Alloys and blends

“Our ‘can-do’ attitude and our unfailing integrity have earned us the trust of our customers.That’s been the key to our success and will be the key to our future.”

Subhash Pahuja, Founder Of Alloy Polymers

The Latest in Color Compounding is all right here.Along with a team of technical experts whose palette is, literally,limitless.

Extensive management experience

  • 40 years color experience