Constant Creativity

Your toughest processing problem doesn’t stay a problem for long. We’ll design, without fail,an answer that works…and works hard.

Resins Additives
ABS Mineral fillers
SAN Anti-blocking agents
PS and HIPS Metal Fibers
TPE,TPO and TPV Impact modifiers
PE and PP Lubricants(fatty acids,silicones and waxes)
PA(Nylon) Glass Fibers
PC Carbon Fibers
LCP and other high-temperature polymers Organic and inorganic pigments
PET & PBT Antioxidants
Other Polyesters UV and heat stabilizers
Fluoropolymers Nigrosine dyes
PC/ABS Blends Carbon black
POM(Polyacetal) Dyes
PEEK Channel black
EVA Process stabilizers
TPUs Flame retardants
Wire and Cable Industry
  • Dispersion-critical additives and concentrates.
Packaging Industry
  • Films and packaging GMP and FDA Compliances.
Automotive Industry
  • Elastomer Modified
  • Talc,Calcium Carbonate,Glass,Other additives
Electronics Industry
  • Conductive and ESD
  • Isolation,EH&S Controls
Medical Industry
  • Stringent Specifications,tight process control