About Us

Our business

Alloy Polymers India, we are a service company with excellent compounding capabilities. We begin the process by gaining thorough understanding of our customers needs. Then, through the rapid development of a signature process, final Product as per customers specification is manufactured. Indeed, we are often viewed as silent partners with inestimable presence as if our plant is an extension of our customers facility.

Services includes the value manufacturing of performance compounds, master batches. Products compounded at Alloy Polymers meet the most stringent specifications and are used in a variety of industries.

We Provide End  to End Solutions from warehousing to Processing to shipping the final products to customers directly from the same locations.

Our vision: “Customer Satisfaction, Associate Fulfillment, and Continuous Transformation.”

Our business model: “Maximizing Your Business by Design”

A “Can Do” mentality


Alloy Polymers India adheres to a can-do-attitude and the importance of communication and partnership. Customers view us as an extension of their own organizations.

At Alloy Polymers, we:

  • Maximize the partnership with a shared vision of success, open communication, and clearly-defined expectations.
  • Maximize the process through which our customer’s materials are produced by developing collaborative solutions, guiding production with a quality plan, and focusing on continuous improvements.
  •  Maximize our  performance through continuous improvement.

Our business model: “Maximizing Your Business by Design”

Our Vision: “Customer Satisfaction, Associate Fulfillment, & Continuous Transformation.”

Our vision

Customer Satisfaction through continuous improvement in our Processes and Innovation.

Our mission

  • Provide an environment that promotes customer partnership.
  • Adopt and achieve our customers’ goals by supplying state-of-the-art technology, know-how and innovation.
  • Provide safe conditions, secure jobs and a promising future for all associates.
  • Encourage associate engagement at all levels.
  • Provide a nurturing, learning and candid culture.