Alloy Polymers India is an innovative leader in providing specialty, high value added polymer compounding services and solutions to the thermoplastics industry. 

For years, you’ve known us as the premier compounder to the thermoplastics industry. Today, we’re a better position than ever to meet your trickiest specifications, your tightest deadlines, your toughest challenges-and exceed your expectations. we are, more than ever, your compounder of choice.

A Solid Core to Build On

There’s a reason our customers soon become our partners. Because they know, from day one, just what our priorities are.

  • To assume gratefully the role of our customer’s “Silent partner”, shaping our own culture to best meet their needs, while holding their corporate secrets sacred.
  • To task our world-class management with keeping us always answerable and always ahead.
  • To charge our associates to continue offering unmatched expertise in every facet of our work.
  • To maintain plants in places that ensure timely and efficient shipping to our customer’s facilities.
  • To manage our finances in a sound and sensible way, while continually investing in the future we share.

 Alloy Polymers India is a market leader in specialty, high-value added polymer compounding services and solutions in the thermoplastics industry. Alloy Polymers India has polymer compounding capacity in excess of half a billion pounds, annually.

Our products are used in nearly every industry including the following:

  • Small appliances
  • Automotive
  • Recreation
  • Medical equipment
  • Packaging
  • Film and Sheet
  • Barrier master batch & Additives
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Building and Construction
  • Leisure
  • Fibers
  • Wire and Cable



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